Das ist das persönliche Logo von Christine Naegeli Architext.

Christine Naegeli | Zurich

Christine Naegeli ist Geschäftsführerin und Inhaberin von Architext.
(UAS degree in translation) has specialized in legal and financial translation since 1991. She is a member of the Swiss Association of Court Interpreters and Translators.
The ARCHITEXT core translation team comprises not only financial and legal translators, but also lawyers from the US, UK, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, as well as financial experts who combine a broad education with on-the-ground experience in the financial industry.

However, translation is more than just linguistic skill. Many of our projects require substantial knowledge of finance and law. To ensure that the finished document reflects the accuracy and authenticity that clients demand, we systematically assign no fewer than three professionals to each job, including an expert in the relevant field and native speakers in both the source and target languages. The result is a finished product that is both reliable and well written.
Christine Naegeli
Hardturmstrasse 66
8005 Zurich
Persönliches Logo von Martin Kägi ARCHITEXT.

Martin Kägi | Lucerne

Martin Kägi ist Inhaber und Geschäftsführer von ARCHITEXT.
(UAS degree in translation) started his own business in 1998 to provide advertising agencies and clients from many industries with translation, copywriting, editing and proofreading services.
He focuses his services on three areas:
1. Copywriting and concept development work
2. Translation
3. Proofreading and editing.

His client base includes communications firms and design/graphics/media service providers as well as corporate clients. Although Martin works across a wide range of subject matters/industries, he has acquired substantial know-how over the years in areas such as information technology (IT) as well as the food, restaurant, hotel, tourism and healthcare industries. When translating, Martin relies on the services of Christine Naegeli
Martin Kägi
Eichmattstrasse 14
6005 Lucerne
Logo für Rechts- und Finanzübersetzungen von Architext.
We translate for both the financial and the legal worlds.
Logo für Übersetzung allgemein von Architext.
We translate better – because we have learned it the old-fashioned way.
Logo für Text von Architext

We write to the point – so that people will read what we write.
Logo für Korrektorat Recht und Finanz von Architext.
We aim to make texts perfect – both financially and legally.
Logo für Korrektorat von Architext
We proofread/edit every piece of copy – to help it stand on its own two feet.